FasTracKids Story

The programme is focused on the all round development of the kids. The staff is very approachable & gives a feeling of responsibility hence, confidence in us to send the kid. The opportunity to see what happened in the class was awesome.

Manju Arora

The program is hands. Whatever my son has learned through experimentation & playful methods, interactive demonstrations, he has been able to retain it well. I am amazed at his development. He love coming to FasTracKids & we look forward to Saturday’s.

Sonal Jain

Apart from learning skills, they are also taught creative thinking, development skills which I am sure will help my children in future. The best part of this program is that is my children look forward to come to FasTracKids.

Ameeta Welling

The whole approach towards educating them is very practical & kids have the opportunity to develop their skills. Its fun 7 they are having fun.

Mrs. Krishna Singh

FasTracKids focuses on the creativity within each child, builds self confidence through team work and enriches the knowledge of their environment. I am personally satisfied with the progress & imaginary development of my child.

Rajendra Pawar

A very hands on practical, exposure of the child to advance concepts, cleverly planned & executed so that the children are learning while at play. Thank you for molding Anand into a creative & intelligent child.

Jayshree Gopalkrishnan

FasTracKids has a positive energy around it & my son is very happy when he comes here. I have seen him grow from an extremely shy & quiet child to a confident boy who can approach strangers and talk to them. The teachers at FasTracKids are well trained and are attuned to the needs of the child. Thank you FasTracKids team.

Dr. Vidyunmala Agarwal

Darsh has joined the music class & I can clearly see the change in his attitude towards learning. He enjoys the music & learns concepts which is very innovative & encouraging.

Pragati Dalal

There is a lot of personal attention given to every child’s development. He is learning a lot of skills & a big difference is seen in Kabir.

Poonam Seksaria

Raphael himself tells us the difference between school & FasTracKids. He likes FasTracKids because the teacher tells him stories & he does experimentsI also find that he understands concepts better & can apply what he learns. We don’t really hear much about what he does at school.

Ashlesha D’souza